Why Does Water Collect on Windows? Our Thornton, Colorado, Plumbing Experts Explain

Why Does Water Collect on Windows? Our Thornton, Colorado, Plumbing Experts Explain

By understanding more on your home infrastructure, you can counteract maintenance issues before they become costly. Here, our plumbing experts at Total Plumbing & Heating in Thornton, Colorado, will address a common question we receive from homeowners across the region. In this latest post, we’ll provide an answer to the question “Why does water collect on the inside of your home windows?”.

A Common Issue in Cool Climates

If water builds up on the inside of your window during the wintertime, you’re not alone. Thousands of Colorado homeowners experience the same problem. So why does this problem occur?

The problem has become more prevalent as sealing technology improves. With the enhancement in sealing systems, the ventilation to the outdoors is reduced. As a result, warm moist indoor air rests on cool window surfaces and condensation then develops. Moisture on the inside of your windows can result in the following maintenance challenges:

  • Mold growth on the window sill
  • Decay within wall cavities
  • Deterioration of window frames and finishes

How to Minimize Condensation Issues

So now that you have a clear understanding on what causes the condensation to rest on the interior of your home windows, it’s important you’re able to address the problem as the winter months pass. The following are a few techniques for resolving problems due to moisture on your windows.

  • Install an exhaust fan

For high moisture areas within your property, you might consider the installation of an exhaust fan. This can help remove the moist air from within the home.

  • Review ventilation options

You might also consider analyzing new ventilation options for your home dryer and other heat-producing systems.

  • Open the windows

The simplest way to resolve minor moisture challenges is to open the windows when moisture begins to develop. However, this might cost you a little more in heating throughout the winter months.

Our team can help you to address home moisture challenges! Call our Thornton, Colorado, plumbing experts at 303 393 7271 to book a consultation. Experts with decades of experience are available to respond your home maintenance requirements.