Water Pipe Anti-freeze Quick Tips from Your Reliable Denver Plumber

Water Pipe Anti-freeze Quick Tips from Your Reliable Denver Plumber

Colorado has seen its share of blizzards, and residents have at times had to suffer through deep freeze conditions. Frigid temperatures can leave behind excessive water damage caused by frozen pipes that burst as they thaw. One such incident in 2011 drenched homes from North Colorado through Denver, all the way to Colorado Springs and Pueblo. Occurrences like this can be averted by trying out these simple recommendations from a reputable Denver plumber.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

One of the most efficient ways to prevent pipes from freezing over can be done during the installation itself. As the Weather Channel says, “[I]t is best not to expose water pipes to subfreezing temperatures, by placing them only in heated spaces and keeping them out of attics, crawl spaces and vulnerable outside walls. In new construction, proper placement can be designed into the building.”

In homes that are already constructed, you can still ask your local plumber to re-route the vulnerable pipes into more protected areas, although you might find this a bit costly. Have insulation sleeves placed on any pipes that are exposed or easily accessible. These insulation materials can efficiently slow down heat diffusion during the cold weather conditions.

In the winter, make sure that your garden hose is disconnected from your outdoor spigot just before temperatures begin to drop. Any residual water inside your hose will freeze, and the frost will crawl back up into the spigot until it reaches the pipes. Some pipe materials like PVC will burst under such conditions.

Letting the water drip is another excellent way to keep pipes from bursting during extremely cold weather. Keep water at an even, constant drip – just enough to relieve the pressure that builds up between the faucet and the ice. Start off with a slow drip of hot water, and follow with a faster drip of cold water.

In the coming cold season, be sure to have your plumbing system protected from dangers like deep freeze. You can call your dependable plumber in Denver for maintenance assistance this fall, in preparation for the coming winter. Contractors like Total Plumbing, Inc. should have excellent services suited especially for your needs.