Total Plumbing & Heating, Expert Plumbers Westminster, CO, Offer Tips for Maintaining Your AC This Summer!

Total Plumbing & Heating, Expert Plumbers Westminster, CO, Offer Tips for Maintaining Your AC This Summer!

It’s official:  This past May was the hottest May ever on record and, in fact, it marks more than a year of consecutive hottest-ever months. The summer will inevitably be a hot ne, and that means your air conditioning units are going to be working overtime – probably until October, at least.  

This makes it that much more important for homeowners to carefully maintain their AC systems.  Failures are going to be more common, and that will be a big problem with record-breaking heat across the country.  We’re going to have the sort of daytime heat that’s harmful and dangerous.

Based on our experience as AC operators and plumbers in Westminster, CO, Total Plumbing & Heating have a few suggestions to help your AC system make it through these difficult times.

Tips for Keeping Your AC in Prime Condition This Summer

  1. Have your AC inspected by a professional

No one is going to be better-equipped to certify your AC as summer-ready than experienced professionals with years of AC maintenance work.  They’ll be able to safely work on your AC hardware itself, as well as inspecting your ducts and gratings, to ensure peak performance.

  1. Keep your air filter cleaned.

The air filter in your AC unit is one of the biggest bottlenecks for airflow, and it can easily become clogged with dirt, hair, and other debris.  Inspect it regularly and knock off any material that’s built up to keep your airflow at max capacity.

  1. Repair your insulation.

Are you feeling hot spots around your home, especially on upper levels?  That’s usually a sign of degraded insulation.  In the event it’s been years since you’ve even looked in your attic, it may be time to look into laying down more insulation to keep the cold air in.

  1. Reduce AC usage at night.

Daytime use will be non-negotiable, but AC usage at night is easier to reduce or remove.  This can significantly reduce the strain on your cooling system.


  • Hanging a wet sheet in front of an open window.
  • Setting up a table fan with a bowl of ice in front of it.
  • Shutting off all unnecessary lights and electronic devices, which create extra heat.

Need more help?  Total Plumbing & Heating in Westminster, CO, is here to offer full cooling services during this super-hot summer!

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