Total Plumbing & Heating Can Help You Choose the Best Water Heater

Total Plumbing & Heating Can Help You Choose the Best Water Heater

WaterHeatersCompared.jpgTotal Plumbing & Heating has the capability to install all types of domestic water heaters. From the traditional tank type to the energy efficient, water conserving tankless heaters and all types in between. When you are considering a water heater it is important to understand how your new water heater will serve your household. Whether one person will use the heater or a growing family with many people and from how little or how often you use the hot water in your home. These all have a direct impact on how the heater will deliver your hot water when needed.

At Total Plumbing & Heating, we focus our efforts in delivering the Bradford White brand, tank type water heaters in a replacement application. The standard Bradford White water heater can be installed in a 40 or 50 gallon capacity. This heater can deliver 76-89 gallons of hot water within the 1st hour of usage depending on size. This heater from Bradford White is a workhorse and extremely reliable, requiring minimal maintenance. It also is the most cost effective water heater for purchase when considering cost as a factor in your decision. The Bradford White brand water heaters can be paired together for larger homes that require more hot water delivery and if space is critical we can provide higher BTU heaters that really pack a punch in providing the hot water you so desire.

Energy efficiency is the phrase that is being discussed around the country these days, so we should roll right into the high efficiency offerings in water heating technology. We open the opportunity to educate all Total Plumbing & Heating customers about condensing tank type water heaters and the tankless water heating technology. These products allow for various functions. The condensing tank type water heater is perfect for the consumer who likes the idea of stored water at the fingertips while maintaining a heating efficiency of 90-96 percent. These heaters can deliver hot water to homes with 3 or more bathrooms, multiple kitchen/dining areas as well as multiple laundry areas. They are also a perfect fit for that large growing family. In the high efficiency tank type water heater line we can provide any manufacturer of your choosing but we focus on delivering the State Industries Premier Power vent units.

If stored water is not your concern we can take it up a notch with the tankless technology. A tankless water heater application is the ultimate in energy efficiency. We install the Navien brand equipment. We feel that Navien strives to be the best in the tankless industry which matches our business model. There is NO wasted gas consumption trying to maintain temperature in a tank. When you need hot water it just appears at your fingertips. There are a few setbacks to this equipment as it relates to “the large growing family”. Tankless units’ hot water delivery is restricted because it has to heat cold water very fast. This translates to limited operation of fixtures in the home at the same time. If you are in the market for a tankless heater and have a large growing family we can look at multiple tankless units together or the high efficiency tank type heater might be the right fit.

At Total Plumbing & Heating water heaters is our expertise and taking care of our customers’ needs is our passion. When looking for a water heater we can deliver and install the perfect water heater for your home and family. All water heater installations are backed by our one year labor guarantee as well as a strong manufacturer warranty to ensure your water heater investment for years to come.

Joe Brandenburg, Service Sales