Total Plumbing & Heating Announces Plumbers in Denver Battling Frozen Pipes This Winter

Total Plumbing & Heating Announces Plumbers in Denver Battling Frozen Pipes This Winter

Total Plumbing & Heating announces that cold temperatures continue to be a problem for Denver homeowners, causing substantial property damage and inconvenience.

Denver, Colorado – January 4, 2016—Every year plumbers in Denver respond to hundreds of calls seeking service for pipes damaged by cold temperatures. With an average temperature of just above 22 degrees in the Winter, Denver homes are especially susceptible to damage from frozen pipes. The professionals at Total Plumbing & Heating offer several steps homeowners can take to protect themselves.

The most common service requests Total Plumbing & Heating receive during the Winter are to homeowners whose broken pipes are flooding basements and destroying valuable property. While Total Plumbing & Repair can fix the damage, it’s much more cost effective for the homeowner to take proactive steps to prevent frozen pipes in the first place.

The most important thing to remember is keeping the pipes warm. Some foam insulation from the hardware store is perfect for outside pipes, but they aren’t the only ones in danger. Pipes along exterior walls can freeze as well, and they are often overlooked. Plumbers in Denver recommends homeowners keep a faucet running at a slow drip in any kitchen or bathroom along an exterior wall if the temperature drops below 20 degrees. If there’s a chance the temperature will drop into the low teens, try opening the cabinet doors and running a space heater in the room.

Frozen pipes will continue to be an issue all over Denver, but with the right steps, homeowners can prevent catastrophic damage.

For more than 35 years, Total Plumbing and Heating has provided a full range of plumbing services to homes and businesses in the Denver Metro area. Their commitment to customer service and fair pricing established Total Plumbing as the local leader for new home construction, remodels, and repairs. Their staff of highly trained, clean, and background checked plumbers provide homeowners with peace of mind during the repair process, and treat homeowners with the respect they deserve.

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