Total Plumbing & Heating Announces Emergency 24 Hour Plumbing Service

Total Plumbing & Heating Announces Emergency 24 Hour Plumbing Service

Winter weather can cause major problems for Denver residents at any time of day or night, from burst pipes to complete in-house water blockages.  In response, Total Plumbing & Heating announces a 24 hour plumbing service which can keep the water flowing properly at any time of day or night.

Denver, CO – February 14, 2016 – Recognizing that unpredictable winter weather can cause plumbing emergencies at any time, Denver-based Total Plumbing & Heating now offers 24 hour plumbing service.

Winter weather has been especially unpredictable in recent years, which has lead to an increase in plumbing and heating related issues.  The rapid fluctuations in temperature Denver has seen recently can significantly weaken pipes which weren’t intended for such conditions.  Extreme cold creates increased chances of pipe failure, such as frozen pipes blocking off water access or even bursting due to increased strain.

A frozen or burst pipe is a home emergency that cannot wait for business hours.  Once water is leaking into a house, it can cause immediate and long-lasting damage to the property, its foundations, or structure.  The dangers are increased during winter months, with the potential for icy patches forming within a homeowner’s own basement.  A few hours’ worth of flow can create significant health hazards as well as harming the property’s value.

The experts at Total Plumbing & Heating are now available on-call every hour of every day, ready to assist immediately if a plumbing related emergency develops.  Total Plumbing & Heating’s carefully-selected and detail-oriented staff is ready to handle any problem, large or small, in the least amount of time possible.  When dealing with winter weather emergencies, that is the only way to ensure minimal damage to the property and its owners.

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