Thornton Plumbing Services – Plumbing Leaks Can Cost You Big Money in Water Waste

Thornton Plumbing Services – Plumbing Leaks Can Cost You Big Money in Water Waste

Do you have minor leaks in the fixtures and faucets in your house, but don’t think it’s worth calling in Thornton plumbing services to have them fixed?  You could be wasting a lot more water – and money – than you think!  Even seemingly-minor household leaks can add up to major losses in a hurry, far more than the cost of hiring professional plumbing services to have them taken care of.

There’s genuinely nothing to be gained by ignoring water leaks.  You’re just costing yourself more money with every drop.

By the Numbers:  How Small Leaks Add Up to Big Waste

1 – Leaky faucets

A small faucet drip might not seem like much, but at a rate of only one drip per second, that adds up to more than 250 gallons of wasted water per month, or over 3,000 gallons every year!  That’s the equivalent to taking an extra shower every other day, year-round.  Considering that most leaky faucets can be taken care of with a new gasket, there’s simply no reason to let the drip continue.

2 – Leaky toilets

If your toilet is leaking, it’s usually because of a poor seal on the flapper within the tank.  These can be tricky because sometimes the leak is small enough that it’s not noticeable and draining straight into the bowl.  Never the less, this leads to a toilet that’s constantly running – potentially going through a hundred gallons or more every day.

3 – Leaky shower heads

A leaky shower head is like a leaky faucet, but far worse.  After all, they usually aren’t limited to a single drip per second.  And like leaky faucets, you generally just need a new gasket – or maybe just tightening the seals – to stop the leak from happening.

4 – Leaky sprinkler systems

These are the worst because your sprinkler lines are buried underground.  That can make it extremely difficult to detect leaks, even ones with high levels of waste.  We’ve seen situations where houses were losing literally thousands of gallons of water every month.

If you have an underground sprinkler system, and you start seeing unexplained hikes in your water bills, it’s probably the culprit.

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