Thornton Heating Tips for Furnace Maintenance and Clean Air

Thornton Heating Tips for Furnace Maintenance and Clean Air

If you haven’t fired up your furnace yet, it’s probably just a matter of time. Winter is coming, as they say, and that means it’s time to make sure your furnace is in top shape for its coming months of work. You don’t want to have heating problems in Thornton when it matters most!

Here’s a quick checklist of things you should do to minimize the chance of HVAC problems in Thornton

Steps to Making Sure Your Furnace Is Ready for Winter

Check/Change Your Air Filter

Generally speaking, the air filter on a furnace or AC needs to be replaced every three months for best function. If your furnace has been sitting unused since last winter, it might be OK, but you should pull it out and check its condition.  

Inspect the Burner Flames

It’s a good idea to fire up the furnace for a quick test, before it’s truly needed.  Power it up, then turn up your thermostat to activate it.  Check the flames within the furnace to ensure they’re working properly – they should have a steady, bright-blue flame.  If they’re sputtering, or yellow, call in a professional to check them out.

Clean the Blower Area

The blower is beneath the air filter, and it’s very easy for dirt, grime, and debris to get trapped in there. This can usually be easily cleaned with a vacuum hose on a low setting, and will improve the lifespan of your furnace while ensuring your air remains clean.

Check for Leaks in Your Ductwork

Here’s an easy test. Get a stick of incense, then fire up your furnace and hold the lit stick near the draft hood. The fragrant smoke should get pulled into the ducts. Then, have someone smell for problems for a few minutes. If they smell the incense coming from anywhere besides the air vents, that indicates you have leaks in your ducts which need patching.

Need A More Extensive Checkup?

If you have any issues when going through these tests, or experience more significant issues like a thermostat failure, it’s time to call in the pros. Contact Total Plumbing & Heating, Inc. to have our trained professionals inspect your furnace and fix any issues.

Our experts know HVAC systems inside and out, and guarantee your Thornton heating system is ready for the winter. Contact us today!