Thornton, Colorado, Furnace Repair – Ensure Your Furnace Is Working Properly Before Winter Hits

Thornton, Colorado, Furnace Repair – Ensure Your Furnace Is Working Properly Before Winter Hits

Is your furnace ready for the long winter ahead? As one of the top furnace repair options in Thornton, Colorado, Total Plumbing & Heating spend a lot of time helping people with heating issues during the winter. However, much of the time those issues could have been avoided if the homeowners had been a little more careful with their furnace ahead of time.

If you haven’t yet switched your heating system on this year, it’s a bad idea to suddenly start running it for extended periods after it’s spent months disused. That’s a good way to put unnecessary strain on the system or cause unneeded repair bills. Being a little gentler will help you keep it in working order.

Thornton Furnace Repair  Tips for Proper Furnace Startup

Change out the filters

It’s basically inevitable that the air filters will have gotten musty and dirty during the months the furnace has gone unused. Filters are usually very inexpensive to replace. It will prevent problems and  the furnace won’t smell as bad when it first turns on.

Remove any items near the furnace

If your furnace is in a basement, it may have gotten random items, trash, or other debris stacked near it.  Move all these to a safe distance away – they can be a fire hazard.

If you’re on gas, fill it up

You’d be surprised how often we get calls from people in Colorado who think they need furnace repair, but they’re actually just low on natural gas. Always fill up the tank before putting the furnace under heavy load.

Oil the furnace blower

The main fan that propels the hot air needs to be kept well-lubricated. In most cases, it’s easy to access if you take the housing off. Just a few drops of oil will keep it moving smoothly. Give the fan a test spin, while you’re there, just to make sure it’s moving properly.

Check the belts

And while you’re looking inside the furnace, check the belts for signs of wear, tear, or fraying. A furnace can run on worn belts, but you’ll likely get high-pitched whining sounds and a sudden snap could potentially damage the interior components.

Total Heating & Plumbing Can Prepare Your Furnace

If you have any questions or problems, please don’t hesitate to call us.  We’re happy to help replace belts or fans, before bigger problems occur!