The Commercial Plumbing Tips to Help Prevent Sewer Backups

The Commercial Plumbing Tips to Help Prevent Sewer Backups

Sewer backups can be exceptionally costly. Companies often spend thousands of dollars cleaning up after a backup occurs and during the cleanup work, working activities in the facility are stopped. It’s important that teams have a proactive approach to preventing sewer backups, and so within our new post, we’ll look at four preventative measures you can take within your commercial property.

Have Drains Professionally Cleaned

The first step towards preventing sewer backups in the coming years is to have your drains professionally cleaned. This process ensures that all contaminants from within the drain are expertly removed and that liquid flows down the drain easily.

Guide Teams to Notice the Signs of a Potential Clog

Make sure you take the time to guide teams on the signs of a potential clog. These signs could include gurgling sounds and slow draining water. If the team notices these signs they can then make a decision to speak with on-site management teams or call their local commercial plumbing firm directly to deal with the problem.

Plug Up Drains During a Storm

It might not be a clog that causes the drain to back up. Excess water resulting from a storm can also cause significant backup problems within the sewer system. To prevent sewer backups during periods of heavy weather, make sure you plug any basement room drains completely. Plugging the drains in the lower areas of the building can help to secure the entire facility and stop water overflow.

Reduce Garbage in Drains

One of the leading reasons that companies experience drainage issues is that their employees place garbage and other non-liquid elements within their systems. Food scraps and oils are among the leading causes of drain issues in commercial properties. To help prevent this type of problem, make sure that teams are trained to recognize which items go in the drain and which should be placed in the garbage. Separating these two elements can help to safeguard your commercial plumbing structure for the years ahead.

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