Strange Noises Coming from Your Furnace? They Could Be Dangerous!

Strange Noises Coming from Your Furnace? They Could Be Dangerous!

Normally, heating units in Thornton, Colorado, will keep working steadily without giving too much trouble. You can almost always tell when things are going well because furnaces have very distinct sounds associated with them, such as the sound of the blowers kicking in once the indoor temperature gets too low.

However, if a furnace is starting to develop a problem, one of the first signs is strange sounds coming from it. Don’t ignore odd sounds! Given how much heat and pressure is involved in a typical Thornton heating system, you want to pay close attention to these early warning signs.

Odd Sounds That Could Mean Problems for Thornton, Colorado, Heating Systems

Metal-on-Metal Scraping

This is the really bad sound. If you ever start hearing metal scraping sounds on your furnace, shut it down immediately and call the professionals. Scraping means that something has gone seriously wrong with the internal fan/blower wheel or its axle. In any case, that scraping means it’s making contact with the interior of your furnace, and is causing ongoing damage with every rotation. 

High-Pitched Squealing or Whining

Squealing sounds are less-serious, but still demand attention. The most common cause here is a worn or frayed belt which is no longer making proper contact with the wheels it connects. Eventually, as with a car engine, the belt could snap and damage other internal components. It could also come from ball bearings on the shaft which need oiling.

If you’re handy, it’s usually possible to change the belt yourself, but don’t be afraid to call in our team at Total Plumbing & Heating if you’re uncertain.

Banging / Popping When the System Turns On

It’s possible that popping is a common occurrence – many homes with metal ducts have this happen, and it’s simply due to the metal expanding with the sudden rush of hot air.

However, if popping isn’t normal, it usually means the furnace burners have gotten dirty. This prevents the gas flow from igniting immediately. The gas builds up briefly, then ignites suddenly with a small explosion. You’ll want to have this checked out, since every “pop” is potentially doing damage to the heat exchanger – or could even crack it.

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