Professional Plumbing in Denver: Common Reasons for Replacing Bathtubs

Professional Plumbing in Denver: Common Reasons for Replacing Bathtubs

Like home appliances, your bathroom fixtures are also exposed to wear and tear. After years of use, showerheads will start to leak while faucets may no longer turn off completely.

While these two are easy enough to replace on your own, installing a new bathtub, for example, will prove to be considerably challenging. Yet, there are many reasons why people get a replacement tub. Companies that provide services in plumbing to Denver residents, such as Total Plumbing, shares three of the most common ones:

do you need to replace your bathtub or repair your bathtub

It’s Leaking
When it comes to bathtubs, the only pool of water you should see is the one inside your tub. When pools form around it, though, the basin may already be cracked or the underlying pipes may have started leaking. Since leaks only get worse over time, they are usually the first sign that you need a new tub. Although you can have tubs repaired, constant fixes will cost you more in the long run, so buying a brand-new bathtub might be more cost-effective.

Bathtub or Eyesore?
Your bathtub may have been the centerpiece of your bathroom at one point, but constant use has probably tarnished its beauty. This is especially true in Denver, where soap and hard water often leave a scum-like residue that could stain bathtub surfaces. If your tub has become an eyesore, consider replacing it.

You’re Remodeling Your Bathroom
As Bruce Advisor writes, for Yahoo! Voices, a bathroom renovation is the perfect time to replace your tub:

If you are remodeling the entire bathroom, it makes sense to replace the bathtub. The bathtub may not work with the look you want in your new bathroom. Also, in a bathroom remodeling, a bit of demolition is done, so, if you’re ever going to replace the bathtub, now is the time. Even if you’re not remodeling the entire bathroom, you can still replace the bathtub, but, replacing a bathtub usually requires demolition, so, you might want to wait until you’re ready to remodel the bathroom.

Whatever your reason for replacing a bathtub, it’s important to hire Denver plumbers who are experienced in bathtub replacement. With their help, you can have a beautiful bathtub installed quickly and without hassles.

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