Problems With Low Refrigerant Levels? Time to Call a Denver HVAC Technician

Problems With Low Refrigerant Levels? Time to Call a Denver HVAC Technician

Air conditioners (ACs) are straightforward machines that serve one function—to keep you cool and comfortable. However, the inner workings of these machines is something not most people are familiar with. Of course, you can’t expect everyone to be AC expert, which is why Denver HVAC technicians are called in to do the job. How do you tell what the problem is before you call in an expert to fix it? An article by Chris Weis gives us a short run-through of the most common symptoms of low refrigerant problems with your AC:

Symptoms of Low Refrigerant in Air Conditioners

The compressor stops

The compressor is considered the heart of an AC unit. Its job is to pump refrigerant vapor and compress it into liquid. The compressor is protected from operating at low refrigerant levels by a pressure cut-off switch that turns the unit off when refrigerant pressure falls below the set value. The compressor will start again once refrigerant pressure is restored.

Most AC systems are designed to stop the compressor when there is little or no refrigerant in the system. When forced to run without refrigerant, a compressor can get exceedingly hot. If the compressor gets damaged from overheating, it will no longer reset, and therefore, will need to be replaced. Certain internal safeguards exist to protect the compressor, especially if the pressure cut-off switch fails or is bypassed.

The thermostat shuts off the compressor prematurely

It is the thermostat’s job to shut off the compressor, but only when a selected temperature level is attained. However, if the thermostat shuts off the compressor prematurely, this will result in high heat loads. A compressor that shuts off before it can lower the temperature to the set level may be lacking refrigerant.

Shorter compressor running times

Extremely low refrigerant levels equate to noticeably short compressor running times. This symptom presents itself via noises coming from the compressor and an appreciable loss of cooling.

Low refrigerant level is not a problem you should attempt to fix yourself. Well-trained HVAC contractors in Denver like Total Plumbing can come to your home, determine the cause of the problem, fix it, and recharge your refrigerant to the appropriate level. Once the contractor has done his job, your AC system will be back to its regular cooling capacity, providing you with the level comfort you desire.