How to Prepare Your Home Against Flooding

How to Prepare Your Home Against Flooding

Recently here in Colorado we have experienced lots of rainfall in the last month. From Colorado Springs to Fort Collins, there are areas that measured almost 15 inches of rain in the last 28 days!


Here are some tips from Tim Ruel, Total Plumbing Service Manager:

  • First and foremost if you have a sump pump in your basement, you should check to make sure it is working properly and to verify the water is being discharged from the sump pit.
  • Many homes have sump pits installed but no sump pumps in the pit. The homeowner should check to make sure the water level is not reaching the top of the pit and determine if they need a pump installed.
  • Make sure the gutter downspouts are allowing the water to be discharged away from the house and not draining right at the foundation. Extensions for the gutters may be necessary.
  • Check window wells to make sure they are not filling with water. If they are the homeowner can drain them by using a small pump that has a garden hose discharge.



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