Plumbing Services in Westminster – How to Know When It’s Time for A New Water Heater

Plumbing Services in Westminster – How to Know When It’s Time for A New Water Heater

A water heater is a miracle of modern engineering, yet it’s an appliance most people take totally for granted – at least until it begins to fail.  When properly maintained, a water heater can last for decades.  However, sooner or later, it will reach the end of its life.  That’s when you need qualified Westminster plumbing services to come in, check it out, and recommend a replacement if needed.

This is definitely not a DIY project!  Water heaters involve high levels of electrical current, as well as utilizing high-capacity water hookups.  There’s a lot that can go wrong if someone without the right qualifications works on a water heater.  Call in the pros to help.

Three Signs You Need Westminster Plumbing Services to Install A New Water Heater

1 – Strange noises from the heater

Generally speaking, a water heater should be a very quiet appliance, at most having a low hum when it’s active or maybe some sounds of water moving through pipes.  However, as a water heater ages, it’s going to build up sediment in the tank and anywhere else the water passes.  This will increasingly put pressure on the heater’s machinery, leading to strain and noise from the equipment.

Sometimes the sediment can be cleared without replacing the whole unit.  Sometimes it can’t.  This is exactly the sort of situation where you need professional Westminster plumbing services.

2 – Age

How old is your water heater?  If it’s over a decade old, there’s at least a chance it could start failing.  On the other hand, newer machines can usually be repaired, rather than being replaced.

If you aren’t sure how old it is, in most cases you can figure it out from the serial number.  The first letter you see in the serial number represents the month, with “A” meaning January, “B” meaning February, and so on.  The next two digits after the number are the year it was manufactured.

3 – Heavy leaks

Your water heater should ideally never have any leaks, but in particular, if you ever see a lot of water below the tank it’s probably in need of replacement.  The metal continually expands, and contracts based on the heat of the water within, so once a hole has formed, it will only get worse over time.

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