Plumbing in Denver: Balance of Functionality and Style in Bath Designs

Plumbing in Denver: Balance of Functionality and Style in Bath Designs

Millennials have always been known as individuals and have always needed personalization. They need to express their distinct creativity, wherever they may be. For example, they make sure that their home speaks of their unique tastes or aesthetics.

When it comes to decorating their home, personal taste may be the strongest influential factor for this generation. This is according to A Houzz survey on decorating trends, which further revealed that comfort is their second priority, while subscribing to design trends would be the least.

Personal taste drives decorating decisions for homeowners of all ages

In the same survey, the majority also believed that they are about halfway through achieving their dream home in terms of its design. Mostly, the younger respondents preferred using bright and bold colors, while in general, “soft and neutral” tones were dominantly favored. The Millennials may also go for more eclectic designs compared to the classic or traditionalist inclinations of older generations.

Should style really be the most important priority, or should functionality take precedence? When it comes to bathroom designs and plumbing in Denver, you have to strike a balance. You have to talk to your contractor and use their expertise to find the fixtures, fittings, and other hardware that will let you express your individuality while ensuring the room’s practical aspects, too.

For instance, installing copper fixtures is one of the design trends that made waves last year and are expected to prevail in 2015. Aside from being strikingly beautiful accents, the material gives the owner a chance to show his/her flair for the dramatics. Additionally, copper has also been known as a versatile material that can improve the home’s value.

Although the material truly improves the bathroom’s look and versatility, it can cause the homeowner some headaches in the long run. Pinhole leaks are quite common with copper pipes, especially with the additives used to clean tap water that can corrode the inner parts of the copper. Rust from water heaters can also have similar effects.

Concerns like these make it important for the homeowner to judiciously decide on the materials used for plumbing fixtures and fittings. Investing on maintenance should be prioritized as well. A professional plumber in Denver, such as Total Plumbing, can recommend the best materials to use and the ideal maintenance schedule to prolong the life of your bathroom design investments.

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