Plumbers in Denver Offer Five Tips to Protect Your Basement This Spring

Plumbers in Denver Offer Five Tips to Protect Your Basement This Spring

Plumbers in Denver | Total PlumbingAfter months of cold days and freezing nights, winter is finally coming to a close, but warmer weather can sometimes bring a terrible price. Spring thaws cause millions of dollars in damage to Colorado homes every year, primarily through leaking water into basements. As you prepare for the thaws, there are five actions you should take to protect your basement.

Check Downspouts

Water runoff from your roof and gutter system will saturate your yard, leading to standing puddles of water around the basement and foundation. Over time the water may cause damage to the foundation or find its way into your basement through cracks or weak window seals.

Before the weather gets too warm, check your downspouts and gutters for proper operation. Give them a quick cleaning and consider extending the downspout at least three feet from the walls of your home.

Plumbers in Denver | Total Plumbing 2Inspect Your Sump Pump

The plumbers Denver homeowners use will tell you that your sump pump is the best line of defense against a flooded basement. In the event the pump hasn’t been used in a while, you’ll want to hire one of the plumbers Denver residents trust, Total Plumbing & Heating, to inspect the pump for a functional intake valve and discharge.

In the case you experience frequent power outages, you’ll want to look into purchasing a generator; this will ensure your sump pump has the power to combat flooding during extreme weather events or hard spring rains.

Consider A Water Alarm

In areas of extreme flooding, spring thaws are likely to cause minor leaks no matter how much you try to protect against them. In those cases, the plumbers in Denver recommend the installation of a water alarm. The alarm warns you when there is water present in the basement, so you can take proactive measures to prevent a small leak from growing into a flood situation.

Plumbers in Denver | Total Plumbing 3Drain Cleanings

Septic systems and sewer lines can become overwhelmed as spring rains and thaws introduce more water than anticipated. When the lines backup, they can cause burst pipes and flooding in your basement. Call one of the plumbers Denver homeowners trust, like Total Plumbing & Heating, for preventative maintenance and cleaning before the height of the spring thaws.

Protecting your basement from flood damage requires you to take active steps to address the causes of flooding. Only by preparing your home for spring thaws and maintaining your equipment for optimal operation will you be ready to handle the biggest flooding threats.