Why Plumbers in Denver Urge You to Listen to Your Pipes and Fixtures

Why Plumbers in Denver Urge You to Listen to Your Pipes and Fixtures

Time can really wear down your plumbing system and tarnish its parts. However, accidents like large, solid household items getting flushed down toilets may also happen and hasten the wear and tear or make them more glaring. Of course, bad habits when using the garbage disposal, toilet, and other fixtures would do the same. Above all, the biggest mistake that you can do is not having your plumbing system maintained regularly by professionals.

Why Plumbers in Denver Urge You to Listen to Your Pipes and Fixtures

One of the ways these problems can make themselves known is through weird, funny, or alarming sounds, especially whenever you’re using your fixtures. When you turn on the faucet or shower, run the garbage disposal, turn on the water heater or boiler, or flush the toilet, plumbers in Denver urge you to listen. Here are some of the noises you need to be aware of and why they should not be ignored:

The Noise: Squeaks of a Valve

When you turn your shower handles, faucets, and water supply valves, listen to squeaky noises, which are usually accompanied by the difficulty to twist the knobs and switches. These could be signs of corrosion, or simply lack of lubrication.

The Possible Solutions: Grease the fixtures or replace them

The Noise: Pitter-Patter Drips

When your taps and other fixtures are not in use and you’ve firmly turned them off, take note of trickling or dripping sounds. These may be signs of a leak, which means you may be wasting a lot of water.

The Possible Solutions: Tighten connections or more water-efficient replacements

The Noise: Popping or Rumbling Sounds

When you go for a hot shower or bath, don’t ignore muffled or frightening sounds that seem like tiny rocks hitting metal. These may be signs of mineral or debris buildup in your water heater, boiler, or even some of your pipes.

The Possible Solutions: Flushing the tank or replacing the anode rods (or the entire equipment if it’s ancient already)

The Noise: Rattling, Creaking, or Whistling

When you use your main water supply anywhere in your home, pay attention to noises that seem like your pipes are vibrating, shaking, or going berserk. These may be signs that the pipes are loose, filled with too much pressure, or clogged.

The Possible Solutions: Securing the fittings or replacing them with new, more durable materials

If you hear any out-of-the-ordinary sounds that seem to be coming from your pipes and fixtures or suspect those Denver plumbing concerns, don’t tackle the problems yourself. Instead, trust in pros like Total Plumbing to safely assess them and efficiently get rid of the annoying or troubling sounds.


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