Our Westminster, CO, Plumbers Highlight the Latest Bathroom Storage Options

Our Westminster, CO, Plumbers Highlight the Latest Bathroom Storage Options

Bathroom installation companies are often tasked with the entire renovation of the bathroom space, and this involves finding unique storage solutions within smaller bathroom areas. For those living in condos and smaller homes, these unique storage solutions can help ensure the ideal availability of space for a luxury bathroom experience. And so in this latest post, our Westminster, CO, plumbers highlight a few of the latest storage options.

Make use of door space

The space on the bathroom door is an area not usually considered for storage, but it can be used to provide the ideal option for those with limited room in their property. You can hang towels on bars across the door, or simply use the door space as part of the shelving for the interior of the room.

Use hanging baskets close to your shower

Hanging baskets can be used to close to the shower space for that ideal addition to the bathroom. These baskets are ideal for the storage of lotions, shampoos, and conditioners. They will also dry out sponges and loofas so they can easily be used again in the short-term. You can hang the baskets from shower curtains or from a railing directly outside the shower space.

Add interior shelving options

Make use of all cupboard space within the bathroom by building interior shelving spaces. The interior shelving area within cupboards can be used to hold additional hair products and skin care items. This will save you from having to leave the bathroom if you run out of a product when getting ready for the evening. Interior shelving is also a great way to pack and store your bathroom towels.

Use compartments for drawers

The drawers within your bathroom vanity might be full of old toothbrushes and other items that are no longer effective. Try to sort through these items and then add a compartment container to the drawers to separate items within the space. This is a great way to ensure smaller products such as hairpins and nail files don’t get lost during the rush in the morning.

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