Our Denver Commercial Plumbing Team Explains What You Should Know Before Buying a Property

Our Denver Commercial Plumbing Team Explains What You Should Know Before Buying a Property

When buying a home, it’s important you know about the plumbing structure of the property. If the plumbing isn’t working to peak condition, you may find you have to spend more money on plumbing repairs in the short-term. To safeguard your investment, review the plumbing checklist provided by our Denver commercial plumbing team below.

  • Flush all toilets

Make sure when you’re reviewing the home that you flush all toilets. Toilets with a weak flush could be a sign of a piping issue within the home.

  • Turn showers on

The water pressure within the home is a leading consideration. Make sure that you turn all the showers on when investing in a new property. If there’s a weak flow, you might consider alternative options.

  • Inspect the basement

The basement is a key area for water damage in the home. If the property has experienced any leaks or if there has been flood damage to the home, this will be visible in the basement space. Make sure you check the ceilings in the basement for signs of damage and look for water spots on the walls. You should also ask the homeowner directly about the history of the home in terms of water damage.

  • Inspect piping

The piping structure of the home should be inspected to ensure that it’s in optimal condition. The smallest leak within piping can have an expensive impact on the home. You should also check for lead piping in the property. Lead is known to be dangerous particularly for young children, and so if the home has lead piping you should consider looking elsewhere.

  • Ask for a professional inspection

Finally, before you move into the property and sign the deal to purchase, ask the homeowner for a professional plumbing inspection by a local Denver commercial plumbing firm. You can consider the merits of paying for the plumbing inspection directly or try to negotiate for the inspection with the current homeowner. This can ensure that any hidden problems are spotted and that you’re moving into a home with a fully-functioning plumbing system.

Our team at Total Plumbing & Heating is here to help you make the right choices for your home plumbing needs. To learn more, call our Denver commercial plumbing experts today.