Noted Denver HVAC Contractor Offers Help in Post-Storm Repair Needs

Noted Denver HVAC Contractor Offers Help in Post-Storm Repair Needs

HVAC Investigators, a Charlotte, NC-based company that investigates HVAC damage claims for insurance carriers, released its Annual Claims Report recently. It reported that hail damage accounted for nearly half of reported claims all over the U.S., and a third for actual damage as found after assessment. Actual damage causes also included theft or vandalism, which was the second most common cause, followed by wear and tear, lightning, and water, in that order.

What causes the most HVAC systems claims You might be surprised PropertyCasualty360, February 19, 2015

This brings to light a prevailing trend in HVAC maintenance across the country. The percentage of wear and tear “claims” shows greater need for home and commercial property owners to engage annual professional inspections, particularly since typical insurance does not cover this. The incidence of damages due to hail, however, is also very significant.

Check After Severe Weather

Any part of the HVAC system that lies outside, particularly the condenser unit, is at the mercy of the worst Mother Nature can throw at it. For instance, it isn’t unusual for Denver to be pelted by hail, especially around autumn. Imagine ice the size of a golf ball mauling the condenser’s fins, which cover the condenser coil.

Should the fins be deformed enough by relentless hail, they could block the air flow through the condenser coil, causing the condenser to run inefficiently for longer hours. Normally, hail damage can be resolved by combing the fins and restoring them to pre-damage condition. However, if the damage is excessive, or has affected the copper tubing, it might be necessary to replace the coil. In many cases, replacing the entire unit is not necessary.

Professional Help

It’s important to contact someone who has a keen eye for the subtlest signs of HVAC damage. A Denver HVAC contractor like Total Plumbing has experience in these things, especially in the aftermath of a storm. You don’t have to worry about not finding an available service provider, as the reliable ones can be called on 24/7 to get damaged HVAC systems back to working condition.

With an initial inspection, you can get a clearer idea on what caused your HVAC to go kaput and file a proper claim. Expert assessment is always necessary when making damage claims, as well as documented evidence. The last thing you need is to be denied precious funding for fixing your HVAC.

This also applies to other home systems like plumbing. Severe weather, particularly hailstorms, can take its toll on pipes in more ways than you can imagine. Fortunately, you can count on Denver heating repair companies that are also experts in plumbing repair. This means working with only one contractor to address your post-storm troubles, including getting help for your home insurance claims.

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