It’s Not Too Late to Set Up Your Commercial AC Maintenance

It’s Not Too Late to Set Up Your Commercial AC Maintenance

Summer is officially here, and with the higher temperatures businesses are turning on their AC in the hopes of creating a comfortable environment for customers and employees alike. However, many are discovering problems with their air conditioning systems because they failed to keep up with their commercial AC maintenance. It’s not too late, however, because we still have last minute appointments available here at Total Plumbing & Heating in Westminster, Colorado.

 Why Commercial AC Maintenance is Important

Besides ensuring a comfortable work environment, maintaining your AC unit is vital to protecting your bottom line. Productivity alone can take a major hit when the temperatures rise. Customers are also less likely to want to spend their time, and money, at your business if the inside is too hot and stuffy.

Even if your system is still operational, it may not be working as efficiently as it could, wasting hundreds of dollars a year in unnecessary energy consumption. Seasonal maintenance can identify potential power sucks as well as parts that need repair, which can save you a lot of money off emergency repairs this summer.

 Emergency Service and Maintenance Appointments at Total Plumbing & Heating

Summer has a long way to go yet before fall turns down the heat, so make sure your system is ready to handle the long days ahead. Here at Total Plumbing & Heating, we still have last minute appointments for your commercial AC maintenance, were we carefully look over your equipment, ducts, and more to ensure they are in proper working order. This is the time when air filters are changed and the unit is dusted down to prevent build up, among other money saving tasks.

Of course, if your system is not starting up properly or stops working without warning, we offer after hours emergency service to get you back in business quickly. Or consider saying goodbye to the tired, outdated system your business currently has and upgrade to the newest, most efficient models for long term savings.

Summer is also a wonderful time to set up your heater maintenance appointment to address any problems that may have come up at the end of last winter. For more information about commercial AC maintenance in Westminster, Colorado, and surrounding areas, or to request your appointment before temperatures get too high, please contact the professionals at Total Plumbing & Heating today!