HVAC Maintenance: 3 Tips to Get Your Furnace Ready for Winter Weather

HVAC Maintenance: 3 Tips to Get Your Furnace Ready for Winter Weather

Before autumn’s colors fade and the outdoor temperatures plummet, it is important to have HVAC contractors in Denver come out to your home and get your furnace ready for the heating season. A properly maintained furnace is more energy efficient, safer and lasts longer with fewer unexpected breakdowns. These tips can help you to get your home’s heating equipment ready for the upcoming cold weather.

HVAC Maintenance

Schedule a Tune-up

Your furnace should be serviced by an HVAC contractor before the cold weather arrives. Doing so when the weather is still mild ensures that your heating equipment will be working properly when you need it to. If any problems are detected during the inspection, your HVAC technician will have enough time to order parts and make the needed repairs to your system.

Clean or Replace the Air Filter

Your service for HVAC in Denver will replace your furnace’s air filter during its annual tune-up visit, but it is also important for you to continue replacing the dirtied filters on a monthly basis. A dirty air filter dramatically reduces the amount of heated air that is able to flow into your home’s living areas. A reduction in airflow forces your heating system to work harder than it needs to, using up more natural gas and driving up your utility costs. A dirty air filter also contributes to poor indoor air quality. Your HVAC service technician can tell you what size and type of filter to use when the current one needs to be replaced. You can also have the technician come out between tune-ups and do the replacement service for you.

Get Your Ducts Checked

The heated air from your furnace flows through all of your home’s air ducts until it reaches each room. Over the spring and summer, the ducts may have become loose and disconnected from one another. Ducts can also develop small cracks and gaps over time. An HVAC technician can check out your air ducts to make sure none of your heated air is leaking out through cracks and getting wasted. You can also clean the openings of your air vents and make sure they are open.


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