HVAC in Denver: On Furnace Replacement—What Type Should You Choose?

HVAC in Denver: On Furnace Replacement—What Type Should You Choose?

After a cloudy and cool day Thursday, rain/snow will push south into Colorado Thursday evening. Metro temperatures fell into the 40s following a strong cold front with lows near freezing expected tonight.

Thursday Night: Rain started early in the evening in many places. It will turn into a rain/snow mix, then all snow overnight. Little to no accumulation is expected, mostly on grassy surfaces and at elevations above 6,500 feet.

Late summer blast of winter moves into metro Denver

A cold front swept across Denver recently. Was your home prepared for it? Or did it catch you off-guard and leave you shaking in the extreme cold? If you experienced the latter, it may be time for you to have your furnace checked by a Denver HVAC contractor you can trust.

Is it time to replace your furnace?

Your furnace is a critical home appliance, and one you depend on to work efficiently, quietly and reliably. If you’re having constant problems with your current furnace and have observed your energy bills skyrocketing, chances are, you need to replace it.

What type of furnace should you choose?

When it comes to furnace replacement, one thing you will hear a lot about is the comparison between a mid-efficiency and high efficiency furnace. In your selection process, several cost factors, both long and short term, must be considered. You need to weigh your options carefully in order to choose the furnace type with the efficiency rating that’s right for you.

It all boils down to how much you want to save

With a mid-efficiency furnace, more or less 20 percent of the energy used to heat your house is lost. With high efficiency furnaces, however, less than 4 percent of the energy is lost. This means you’ll be using less energy, which ultimately leads to spending less to heat your home. Although high efficiency furnaces will likely cost more initially, they more than compensate for the added expenditure in terms of lower operating costs.

Of course, you can’t go out and selecting just about any high efficiency furnace product—you need to find one that’s appropriately sized for your home. That’s why it’s best to first discuss your home’s heating needs with certified HVAC contractors in Denver like Total Plumbing. That way, you are assured that you’ll truly be getting the most out of your new furnace purchase.

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