Frozen Pipes among Likely Winter Problems for Denver Plumbing Systems

Frozen Pipes among Likely Winter Problems for Denver Plumbing Systems

People don’t get to choose when pipes burst, but when pipes do burst, it is often at a very inconvenient time. One such example happened recently at the Golden Globes, nonetheless. ABC News reports:

Golden Globes

“According to EOnline, Beverly Hills firefighters moved to evacuate the area after a massive pipe burst so they could stop the leak, and a clean-up crew arrived to take care of the mess.

Video posted by the Insider on Instagram also showed sprinklers dousing the area, as people in black tie left the area.

“We can confirm that there was a malfunction with a sprinkler near the red carpet. The situation was quickly resolved,” read a statement from the Beverly Hilton, Hollywood Foreign Press Association and dick clark productions.”

In colder areas like Colorado, plumbing in Denver is subjected to even colder temperatures. When pipes are not prepared for the brutal winter months, a frozen pipe is a real possibility and usually results in a pipe bursting and flooding a home. Needless to say, a burst pipe easily leads to exorbitant expenses for home repairs.

Seeing as pipes are vulnerable to winter weather, homeowners should take the necessary steps to prevent pipes from freezing over. Experienced plumbing experts, such as Total Plumbing Inc., offer homeowners the following advice:

Garden Hoses

Garden hoses should be drained and detached from an exterior faucet. Water leftover in garden hoses can easily freeze over and spread to the faucet and pipes.

Cover Unprotected Pipes

In some homes, pipes can run through uninsulated areas like the basement, attic, or garage. If your home has pipes in uninsulated areas, be sure to cover them with “heat tape” or an insulated pipe sleeve.

Open Cabinets

Take advantage of the warm air put out by your furnace and open cabinet doors under sinks. This exposes the pipes underneath to the warm air and adding some heat to the water in the pipes.

If you suspect that your pipes are in danger of freezing over, be sure to call a professional plumber in Denver to come and inspect your pipes and make any necessary repairs. Doing so as soon as possible can help prevent major home repairs in the future.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Golden Globes red carpet Turns to ‘Red Sea’ After Pipe Burst and Other Mishaps from the Night, ABC News, January 12, 2014)