Four Tips for Apartment Landlords to Reduce HVAC Costs This Season

Four Tips for Apartment Landlords to Reduce HVAC Costs This Season

It’s now fall in Denver, and winter is just around the corner. Your cooling system is having its much-deserved break, and now the burden’s shifted to heating. With Denver averaging a thick 55 inches of snowfall each year, you have to ensure adequate heating to keep your tenants warm inside. As a landlord, what can you do to keep heating bills as low as possible without sacrificing your tenants’ comfort? Below are four effective tips:


  1. Replace your heating system if needed. If you want to cut heating costs, consider replacing those old, worn-out heaters you thought could save you more because they’re cheap. According to a Denver HVAC expert, not only are these old heating systems a carbon monoxide hazard; they are also inefficient, and would therefore increase your gas bills tremendously. Plus, they are at risk of breakdowns.
  2. Hire reputable HVAC contractors. Whether you need heating repair, replacement, or a major system overhaul, hire only local HVAC contractors of good standing like Total Plumbing. Trying to save a few dollars with a less than reputable contractor will only lead to substandard work that would cost you more in the long run. Read a bit about the company history to ensure that the handymen they send are not only skilled but reliable as well.
  3. Ensure proper insulation. You may have a brand-new heating system installed by a best contractor in town, but this would be of no use if your apartment building has no adequate insulation. The proper insulation provides resistance to heat loss so it helps keep your tenants toasty while reducing your heating costs throughout the cold season.
  4. Keep the warm air in. Another key to reduce your apartment building’s heating costs is to ensure that windows and doors are properly sealed so as to prevent warm air from escaping and cool air from getting in. Ask your tenants to report any leaky, drafty windows and doors. Depending on your agreement regarding who takes charge, you either do the sealing yourself or provide your tenants access to services.

With a quality heating system as well as proper insulation and sealing to regulate heat flow, you can make your apartment units’ living conditions more satisfactory while helping keep your billing costs low. Always remember: happy tenants equate to a better income stream.


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