Fix HVAC Problems with Denver Heating and Cooling Contractors’ Help

Fix HVAC Problems with Denver Heating and Cooling Contractors’ Help

Freezing temperatures in Denver have already made school days unbearable for students—and indoor heating problems in some schools just made things worse for staff and students alike. According to 7NEWS, some of the city’s public schools, like the Denver Center for International Studies (DCIS) in the Montbello Campus, had to cancel classes on November 12 because of faulty heating systems. Without proper heating, most classrooms were practically as cold as it was outside, prompting students and faculty members to resort to drastic measures just to stay warm.


“It was freezing in there,” said Nomia Luna, a 9th Grader at DCIS at Montbello. “We had to wear our coats in there we couldn’t wear like normal T-shirts.”

“Had to wear my gloves and my jacket — it was very cold,” said Spanish Teacher Jose Canas. “The cold and the kids would not concentrate and it was just impossible to continue with instruction while trying to teach.”

Fortunately, DCIS and other schools were able to restore their heating systems to normal working conditions the following day, although they are now working on a delayed schedule as a result. This incident should serve as a reminder for school officials, business owners, and households to check their heating systems before winter comes along, as they can’t afford to have their heaters fall apart during Denver’s harsh winters. Homes and commercial establishments that need a hand on this matter can turn to reliable companies that provide heating and cooling in Denver, like Total Plumbing.

Proper HVAC maintenance won’t just prevent a cold day in school; a well-maintained heating system can also help residential and commercial properties slash about 35 percent in their monthly energy bills. Perhaps more importantly, regular maintenance is the best way to prevent potentially-fatal HVAC problems from occurring, like gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning. Property owners should know that such problems can be avoided simply by conducting a visual inspection of their systems.

For instance, the most common problem in forced air heating systems is airflow blockage, which is usually caused by an accumulation of dirt or debris in the blower, ducts, and/or registers. Property owners can handle this problem on their own, but they should notify a Denver, CO heating and air conditioning company immediately if the blockage causes noticeable damage on the systems’ components. Loud, scratching noises and/or violent vibrations in a heating system is another telltale sign that a professional must be called immediately for extensive HVAC repairs.

Immediate action is very important when dealing with heating and cooling problems, otherwise, it’s not just school cancellations that Denver residents will have to worry about.

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