Fending Off the Harsh Winters with Well-Maintained Denver HVAC Systems

Fending Off the Harsh Winters with Well-Maintained Denver HVAC Systems

Recently, Denver experienced temperatures so low that they’ve broken two of the city’s winter records. According to The Denver Post, the city reported temperatures below -14 degrees and a new low “high” of 11 degrees last November 13, surpassing the previous records set in 1916 and 1959 (respectively). Denver also experienced just a day of sunny skies throughout the week, though Sunday was noted to have relatively better climes.

Preparing for Winter

Although the weather has barely improved since, residents should expect that this onset of cold temperatures will resurface within the season. Therefore, it’s important for Denver residents to keep their HVAC systems well-maintained and functioning properly at all times, since they will need reliable heating to stave off the harsh winter. To lend homeowners a hand in maintaining their furnaces, radiators, and other heating systems, as well as in replacing them with better systems when deemed necessary, reputable Denver HVAC companies can be depended upon. Some companies, such as Total Plumbing, have teams of technicians who have the skills and experience to work on HVAC systems in commercial properties.

Choosing the Right Heating System

With companies offering professional services, some property owners think they don’t have to shoulder some of the work. In fact, they should be the ones deciding which type of heating system to install in their home or establishment. Forced air systems are the most common heating systems in residential properties. They provide heating to the entire house while being relatively simpler to operate compared to other heaters. In addition, their network of ducts can also be used by central air conditioning systems to provide cool air during the summers. This system, however, is relatively noisy and requires frequent maintenance, which is why other homeowners choose the smaller radiant heating systems, like hot water radiators.

Considering the advantages of these two heating systems, it’s easy to see why some property owners can’t decide between the two. In order to arrive at a decision, they should take a number of factors into account, like the size of their property and their specific heating needs. For example, providing heating to a large house is best done with a system of ducts so that every room is heated equally. If only a few rooms need sufficient heating, however, then a radiant heating system may be ideal to minimize heating costs. It can also be more efficient to use a portable heater for the latter.

Property owners should be aware of these factors before they work with HVAC contractors in Denver. While harsh temperatures in the city are expected for the rest of the season, temperatures indoors will be more bearable by installing the right heating system.

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