Emergency Denver Plumbing Repair When You Need It

Emergency Denver Plumbing Repair When You Need It

Boulder will not charge residents for flood restoration and repair permit, ABC 7 News The Denver Channel, September 21, 2013

The ABC 7 website posted a report regarding Boulder’s efforts to rehabilitate its community after being affected by a devastating flood. The local government plans to waive any fees for flood restoration and repair permits so that locals can have their homes properly restored. As the article says:

To encourage Boulder residents and businesses to use inspection services and ensure that flood repairs are completed appropriately, the City of Boulder has created a new 2013 Flood Recovery, Restoration and Repair Permit.

The new permit type will allow residents to submit their application and receive an over-the-counter permit during the same visit. There will be no fee charged for this permit or the subsequent inspection to ensure that flood damage has been properly addressed, though customers will be required to pay the associated taxes.

Affected property owners are encouraged to visit www.boulderplandevelop.net to download, print and fill out the “2013 Flood Recovery, Restoration and Repair Permit” form before applying in-person at the Planning and Development Services Center.

Boulder will not charge residents for flood restoration and repair permit

While Boulder has it hard dealing with the aftereffects of a flood, it could’ve happened to any area in Colorado, like Denver. Floods are a lot more dangerous than most people would think, and things can get pretty ugly when the storm water reaches the plumbing or drainage of a house. It’s a good thing that a Denver plumbing company can help fix any damaged, ruptured, or clogged plumbing following a storm.

Floods can do all sorts of terrible things to plumbing. Floodwater isn’t exactly purely water, as the substance is a dangerous mix of several chemicals and waste products that the water may have picked up along the way. Worse, floodwater could even dredge up muck from sewages, making the caustic cocktail even more dangerous to wade in.

It’s because of floodwater and all the waste it brings that citizens shouldn’t readily use their water supplies following the catastrophe. There’s a good chance that the water has been befouled, and is unfit for personal use. A safer bet would be to ask a company that specializes in plumbing in Denver, like Total Plumbing, to help mitigate flood damage and contamination to plumbing.