Denver Plumbing Tip: Get a Professional for Fixer-Upper Remodels

Denver Plumbing Tip: Get a Professional for Fixer-Upper Remodels

When you’re looking for a house and you spot a charmer, you just can’t let it go sometimes, even if it is a fixer-upper. An article for The Huffington Post features a run-down historic farmhouse that had potential in being an admirable heritage home. It was published in This Old House magazine, a home improvement resource.

Extreme Remodel

A couple of Georgia natives purchased the property, which they originally thought of as a rustic, beautiful structure, and decided to restore and refurbish it.

“Rustic” was a generous description of the place: The leaking roof, rotted siding, and collapsing porches might have sent many a buyer scurrying. But Scott and Keith saw past those problems to the original 1840s details, such as the intact pine paneling and the granite fireplace, and they loved the picturesque setting, which included a seven-acre parcel.

Built by the Housworth family, who farmed the plot and drew their water from a nearby creek (indoor plumbing didn’t arrive until the 1980s), the house had barely escaped General Sherman’s March to the Sea, which left much of the area ravaged.

When preserving old homes like this, one of the first things you have to plan and invest on is updating the essentials for indoor comfort, including plumbing. The home may not have the amenities of modern-day living at all, or the old pipelines, inefficient furnaces, and rusty fixtures need to be repaired or replaced. This is true not only for a home in Georgia but in all other homes for restoration in other cities and states, like Denver, Colorado for instance.

If you’re planning to restore a historic home in Denver, one of the first things to do would be to let a reliable Denver plumbing company repair the damaged fixtures and pipes. Same goes for repairing the plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning systems in a more contemporary fixer-upper, or remodeling your kitchen or bath. An expert will deliver dependable services and excellent workmanship for your home improvement projects.

A licensed plumber in Denver like Total Plumbing will make sure you have all the necessary plumbing permits and will ensure that your home complies with applicable building codes, too. The state’s Division of Regulatory Agencies require contractors to secure permits before installing any plumbing or gas pipelines. You won’t have to mind the application process if you work with a plumbing company.

Additionally, when the installation or repairs are done by someone other than a registered contractor who has liability insurance, your home insurance won’t pay for the cost of any damages. Not only will DIY jobs be possibly inferior in quality, but it can also be dangerous and costlier. Don’t be willing to take the risks.

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