Denver Plumbing: The Need to Inspect a New Home’s Plumbing System

Denver Plumbing: The Need to Inspect a New Home’s Plumbing System

You fell in love with the white picket fence and the nostalgia convinced you to buy an older home. Within a few weeks of moving in, you discover that the plumbing is in poor condition. Already strapped by your recent closing costs and down payment, you call the realtor and hopefully inquire, “Is the seller liable for the bad plumbing?” Generally, when you purchase a home, you are on the hook for all future repairs. However, exceptions do apply. To determine the liability, if any, of the seller for your plumbing problem, courts will look to the purchase agreement for the home, the nature of the problem, whether you had a home inspection, and any specific misrepresentations by the seller.

Above is an excerpt from a Free Advice article that paints a picture of what a homeowner might face if he encounters plumbing problems after the home has already been purchased. As you may surmise from the article, the picture is not a pretty sight. You could end up entangled in a court battle that could leave you financially drained and regretting your purchase completely.

If you are looking for a new home in Denver, it’s wise to have the entire structure inspected for quality before you seal the deal, and this includes the plumbing. You can inspect the plumbing system yourself if you know what to look for; otherwise, call in a Denver plumbing professional. Don’t take anything at face value—doing so could cause you to spend a ton of cash later should the plumbing system have problems that you overlooked.

If you opt to have the property inspected by a professional Denver plumber, be sure to accompany him when he does his inspection. That way, you can see for yourself the extent of the problem, if any. Then, you’ll be better informed to discuss how to address the issues with the owner.

Homebuyer inspections are the rule these days, so have the property you’re planning to buy thoroughly inspected before you finalize your purchase. For a professional and thorough plumbing inspection, as well as other plumbing services you may need, you can trust established plumbing companies in Denver like Total Plumbing Inc. to satisfy your requirements.

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