Denver Plumbing Services to Maintain Clean Residential Water Supply

Denver Plumbing Services to Maintain Clean Residential Water Supply

Is tap water safe to drink? Technically, it is. However, certain water contaminants may linger and consequently cause adverse health effects. Lindsay Carlton, health reporter for, reveals a few startling facts:

The United States has one of the best reputations for its clean public water supply, yet your drinking water may still be unsafe and contaminated.

More than 60,000 chemicals are used in the U.S., but only 90 water contaminants are regulated under the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA).

The SDWA doesn’t completely remove all of these 90 contaminants from our water, however; it only sets a ‘safe standard’ on the maximum contaminant levels allowed in public drinking water.

Over time, these chemicals and other unregulated contaminants can build up in your body and potentially damage your health.

Carlton also advises anyone who drinks tap water to use water filtration systems recommended by one’s local supplier or Denver Water.

could your water be unsafe to drink

Even if you don’t drink tap water, maintaining its quality should still be a priority since you need it to cook, bathe, wash your hands, and perform other daily tasks. The moment water quality suffers, you can contract diseases from contaminated food or through skin contact. To ensure clean and safe water throughout your household, and to avoid the ill health effects of using contaminated water, you might want to get in touch with a reputable Denver plumbing company such as Total Plumbing, Inc.

Leaks, old or broken fittings and fixtures, and clogs commonly result in water contamination. Corroded pipes, rusty faucets, and defective water heaters, on the other hand, may produce brown water, as iron or manganese deposits create the characteristic appearance. In addition, bacterial growth in the drains and other parts of the plumbing system give off smells comparable to rotten eggs and sewer odors.

Contamination is not always obvious, however. Unfortunately, some homeowners only seek the expertise of plumbers the moment they notice discolored water or odors coming from their drains and fixtures. While these are serious problems that necessitate immediate repairs, you would do well to observe a regular plumbing maintenance schedule to prevent these issues from recurring. A professional plumber in Denver can thoroughly inspect your plumbing system for defects and also perform the necessary repairs or replacements to reestablish a clean and safe residential water supply for daily use.

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