Denver Plumbing Pros Help Landlords Fix Problems Promptly and Properly

Denver Plumbing Pros Help Landlords Fix Problems Promptly and Properly

Landlords in Denver have responsibilities toward their renters, and vice versa. However, sometimes, one of them has an issue or concern that gets overlooked (or even ignored). In these instances, the accountable party may be violating the other’s rights and be subject to costly liabilities, such as in the story reported by 9News correspondent Meagan Fitzgerald:


For the second year in a row, many tenants at the Artisan Apartments are complaining about unresolved problems in their units.

Last fall, neighbors complained about not having hot water and heat for days or even weeks at a time. On Saturday, tenants say the hot water problem has returned — along with many other concerns.

“We haven’t had hot water, our faucet leaks, we just got our toilet fixed because it was broken for several months. We went to the front desk and put in a request and no one comes out,” Jeff Jarrett said.

Landlord and Tenant attorney Claudia Abernethy says tenants have just as many rights as landlords. Under the Warranty of Habitability statute, Abernathy says a landlord must provide things like adequate amounts of water, hot water, working plumbing and a functional heating system.

Abernathy recommends tenants to send up to three notices to their landlords, so the latter will have the chance to take action. The first letter should inform the landlord of the situation, while the second letter should state rightful consequences if the property owner still would not respond or fix the problem (e.g. withholding rent or even moving out and filing a legal complaint.)

If you’re on the other end of the spectrum (the landlord), then you ought to promptly attend to the problem, especially if it’s a Denver plumbing issue. Aside from making everyday activities difficult or uncomfortable for your tenants, leaky faucets or broken pipes could cause utility bills to increase and could even endanger the residents of your property.

Repairs involving gas lines on a furnace or water heaters, particularly, can be tricky. Do not attempt handling the maintenance and fixes yourself if you don’t have proper plumbing training. With one wrong move, you can make matters worse, and even end up damaging your properties or hurting yourself and others.

When plumbing problems arise, trust only licensed Denver plumbers. Professionals like Total Plumbing can accomplish anything between routine maintenance and emergency jobs in a prompt and proper manner.

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