Denver Plumbing Pros Can Support State’s Water Conservation Mandate

Denver Plumbing Pros Can Support State’s Water Conservation Mandate

Colorado might soon embrace a water conservation mandate similar to that of fellow drought battlers California, Texas, and Georgia. Allen Best, reporter for Mountain Town News on water, energy and other issues, discusses the state legislature’s approval of S.B. 14-103 or the bill that “would require that only those plumbing fixtures certified under the WaterSense program can be sold in Colorado.” If signed by the governor, the bill will be enacted in 2016.

“While outdoor use is responsible for roughly three-quarters of residential water use, indoor plumbing changes can yield perhaps surprising savings.

WaterSense-labeled toilets use 20 percent less water per flush but perform as well or better than today’s standard toilets and older toilets that use much more water.

Toilets once needed 7 gallons of water per flush. That dropped to 3.5 gallons and then, by 1996, 1.6 gallons. Now, all toilets certified by WaterSense use 1.28 gallons or less, with some models using as little as 0.8 gallons per flush.

WaterSense-certified bathroom faucets outfitted with aerators can save 30 percent.”

Even without the mandate, every home would find it highly practical to have water-efficient fixtures installed. Water conservation helps homeowners save on utility costs, in addition to water economy. Both water and energy expenditure can be reduced, since some plumbing wares like water heaters run on gas or electricity.

Denver Plumbing Pros Can Support State’s Water Conservation Mandate

Aside from adding water-efficient fixtures, residents in Colorado should also be wary of leaks and other damages in their plumbing system to save on water consumption. Reputable Denver plumbing companies like Total Plumbing, Inc. can identify the abovementioned problems. Even if a leaky faucet or a running toilet seems like a minor issue, these events can substantially waste water when taken collectively.

Businesses would all the more need the expertise of plumbing technicians. There may be cases when the plumbing fixture causes liabilities and endangers the employees and customers. Letting comfort rooms, public pools, or other facilities operate with a contaminated water supply may cause illnesses and negatively affect the business reputation.

An experienced Denver plumber can do thorough inspections and recommend plausible solutions to both residential and business plumbing concerns. Residents and business owners should call a full-service plumbing company for regular maintenance or emergencies. Whether you want to have water-efficient systems installed, repaired, or simply maintained, a trusty plumber can perform such services.

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