Denver Plumbing Experts: Valuable Partners in Complete Home Makeovers

Denver Plumbing Experts: Valuable Partners in Complete Home Makeovers

How should you tackle a home makeover, especially if the house is historic and deserves to be preserved? To answer this dilemma, Marni Jameson, contributing lifestyle columnist for The Denver Post, sought the expertise of HGTV host Nicole Curtis who specializes in restoring homes. Curtis advises to “tear out almost nothing, restore what’s there” – a strategy that would be more affordable and advantageous in improving the home’s value.

“The biggest mistake people make when improving an old home is they try to do what’s hot right now,” said Curtis. “But what’s hot right now won’t be hot in 10 years. What will always be hot, and will maintain the home’s value, is keeping with the era of the home.”

On her short list of what she would add or replace in an older home are these modern conveniences: Walk-in closets “but added in a way where they don’t take away from the character of the home”; updated heating, cooling systems, and plumbing systems, “so homes are comfortable, safe and more energy-efficient,” and new appliances that weren’t invented when the house was built.

“No one will ever say, ‘Oh my gosh, why did you put in a dishwasher?'”

As Curtis suggests, your plumbing system needs to be a vital consideration in home makeovers, along with the basic utilities like your electricity and ventilation. Denver plumbing experts, such as Total Plumbing, Inc., become your valuable partners in a comprehensive home remodel, especially in large-scale projects involving the kitchen or bathrooms.

Denver Plumbing Experts: Valuable Partners in Complete Home Makeovers

The licensed plumber can thoroughly maintain your drains. Cleaning the drains regularly is necessary to avoid clogs and sewer-like odors. Garbage disposals need to be repaired if they’re already malfunctioning. The plumber may also recommend ways for simple daily maintenance, such as grinding ice cubes to keep the garbage disposal blades sharp.

For fixtures and pipes that have been extensively corroded or worn, the plumber can replace them altogether. New appliances like a dishwasher, water heaters, etc. will also warrant the installation of modern plumbing connections. By updating, refinishing, or matching the fixtures, you can also make them complement your desired aesthetic design.

These are just a few areas that need the handiwork of plumbers in Denver. Instead of general contractors, it’s advisable to look for specialist technicians, such as the pros of Total Plumbing, Inc. Comprehensive plumbing and other utility services help in making your remodel a complete and lasting makeover.

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