Denver Plumbing Experts Bust Costly Myths, Suggest Suitable Services

Denver Plumbing Experts Bust Costly Myths, Suggest Suitable Services

Have you ever tried “life hacks” at home? Do you know those quick and easy solutions to everyday dilemmas? Be cautious when you do try them, because some can actually be myths that only end up making your life more difficult.

For instance, baking soda has been one of the home remedies for plumbing issues, and some may recommend it to unclog drains. However, the compound can only go as far as disinfecting toilets or masking odors. You can pour boxes of the stuff down your drain, but you won’t find the clog cleared up.

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Instead, you have to use it with vinegar (and even some boiling water afterward) to create a chemical reaction that can dissolve some of the clogging. Of course, there’s still a possibility that it wouldn’t work, especially on the toughest obstructions. You can end up regretting the cupboard essentials you wasted and still get left with a slow or non-draining sink, tub, or toilet.

For clogged drains, Denver plumbing experts may recommend using pipe snakes that they can maneuver to take out an obstruction. Sometimes, high-powered hoses can also be used to remove tough clogs. They may also suggest having the pipes cleaned regularly to prevent buildups.

Other costly myths and the solutions or the professional services that you should be getting instead include:

The Invincible Garbage Disposal

A lot of people think that the garbage disposal can handle virtually anything. Some may come across information recommending the use of lemon peel to clean and freshen it, sharpen the blades with ice cubes, or have it grind anything (including food leftovers like bones and eggshells) as long as you run it with water. However, these items can damage the garbage disposal and clog the drains, so if you think it’s not optimally working, or an odor is coming from it, have it checked and maintained by a pro.

The No-Maintenance Fixtures and Fittings

Some plumbing fixtures and fittings (especially the expensive ones made of durable materials) may be recognized as highly versatile and require no maintenance. This can give homeowners the idea that they don’t need to call a pro to have these parts checked regularly. However, established Denver plumbers like Total Plumbing should be consulted, so you can schedule the maintenance for your plumbing connections and prevent costlier repairs or replacements.

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