Denver Plumbing Considerations before Doing Your Bathroom Renovations

Denver Plumbing Considerations before Doing Your Bathroom Renovations

Do you want to know what’s trending in bathroom remodels? Style expert Rachel Weingarten gets the insights of a bathroom and kitchen fixture expert in an article for Parade magazine. American Standard design executive Jean-Jacques L’Hénaff enumerated some ways to renovate your bath with a stylish and practical mindset. Here are some ideas you might be interested in:

Add an en suite: If you’ve ever dreamed of adding a bathroom adjoining your bedroom- you really should. L’Hénaff says that it’s definitely a trend that’s not going to go away- and it will only add more value to your home. Master bedroom size has been increasing and “If you have more space it gives you a little privacy (especially if you have children) in the morning.”

Consider adding a shower that’s not a shower: Okay, this one was new to me too. It seems that bidets were once seen as a status symbol, but those days have passed. L’Hénaff says that the newer trend that’s seen a huge boom in Japan and much of the Far East and is now picking up in Europe (which means that we’re still 5-10 years behind that curve) are a combination shower/toilet.

10 Things to Consider Before Remodeling your Bathroom

If you’re planning to do a total makeover of your bathroom, create a new one, or simply install additional fixtures, refer to Denver plumbing contractors first. Licensed professionals can make sure that your bathroom’s utilitarian aspects are sound. After that, you can go crazy with the aesthetic decorations and features.

When you have a leaky fixture or other issues that have been bugging you for ages, it will be the perfect time to have them repaired. If you don’t attend to them properly and promptly, these problems might end up ruining your remodel.

Even if you don’t think anything’s wrong, it would be wise to have that inspection and get professional advice and services. Have your pipe connections and fittings assessed, and fine-tune anything that might create problems for you in the future. Confirm if you can add or relocate fixtures and plumbing lines for your project, and let the plumber set it all up.

A reliable, full-service Denver plumber like Total Plumbing, Inc. can perform the assessments, maintenance, repairs, and installations that will definitely influence your bathroom renovation’s success and resilience. With these services, you can couple your design with practicality and enjoy a lasting remodel.


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