Denver Plumbing Companies Warn of Hefty Penalties for Leaky Plumbing

Denver Plumbing Companies Warn of Hefty Penalties for Leaky Plumbing

Are you like “that guy” who can’t help striking poses and hoses the lawn while doing it? Denver Water says don’t be.

It’s time once again for the city’s water utility service to remind citizens not to waste precious water by adhering to summertime watering rules. Denver may have a relatively stable water supply, but it may not last long even with sporadic summer rains. This year’s water conservation slogan is “Use Only What You Need.”

Denver Water Wants You To Conserve, Unless You're That Guy

Over the past few months, the noose around Denver’s water regulation has grown even tighter. Recently, the Colorado legislature passed Senate Bill 14-103, which orders the phase-out of low-efficiency water fixtures come September 1, 2016 to make way for WaterSense-certified ones. While this move will cost homeowners a bit of money, this investment is certainly worth it in the long run.

If you haven’t made the transition yet, it’s imperative that you keep an eye out for leaks and other plumbing problems. In case you do find one, have a Denver plumbing service like Total Plumbing fix it. A leaky pipe or faucet won’t just be an inconvenience in Denver. It’s also a step closer toward having your water service cut.

Water Waste Prohibited

Section 14.01 of Denver Water’s Operating Rules prohibits the waste of precious water and specifies the activities that are considered as such. Among these activities include failure to fix leaking components within ten business days. Section 14.07, meanwhile, describes the penalties for violation. The first offense gets a warning, second time’s a $50 penalty, and the third time’s a $100 penalty.

Succeeding violations will result in the temporary suspension of water privileges—all because of a leak that would’ve taken mere minutes to fix.

Fixture Repair or Replacement

While patching up leaks is a common solution, fixture replacement shouldn’t be ruled out just yet. If a new leak springs within the span of several weeks, the problem may have to do with the fixture. As repairing the leak clearly didn’t work in the first place, the ailing fixture would need to be replaced with a brand new one.

You have ten days to fix leaky plumbing. A professional Denver plumber can do it, be it repair or replacement, in just minutes. Clearly, there’s no excuse for non-compliance with the above regulations.


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