Denver Plumbing Companies Warn Homeowners of Winter Plumbing Problems

Denver Plumbing Companies Warn Homeowners of Winter Plumbing Problems

The recent polar vortex threw most of the United States into disarray as it heavily contributed to the significant drops in temperature. To make matters worse, recent storms have introduced strong winds that have served to amplify the bitter cold, as reported by The Denver Post:

Wind Chill

“Air temperatures plunging into the negative teens, twenties and even thirties Sunday into Monday are bad enough. But add wind speeds of even a few miles per hour, and what’s already deeply unpleasant becomes downright dangerous.

“Fighting a fire on a night like that, a lot of our guys would rather do recon in the burning structure than man the hoses,” said Jim Hultman, a veteran firefighter in International Falls, frequently one of the coldest spots in the nation. “I’m not kidding. Because at least you’re warm.”

Hultman said cold winds ice up the nozzles, slow the water streams and blow an icy mist onto the firefighters…”

According to doctors, bone-chilling wind chills can easily result in frostbite within five minutes of exposing the skin to the frigid weather. If the weather can easily freeze your body within a matter of minutes, imagine how your plumbing system is doing.

Experienced Denver plumbers advise homeowners to check their plumbing systems for signs of problems brought about when the weather is constantly hovering around the freezing point. Some of the winter plumbing problems homeowners should be on the lookout for include:

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are the most common winter plumbing problem. Homeowners are advised to check the water pressure of their pipes during the winter; low water pressure often means an outdoor pipe is starting to freeze.

Backed-up Septic Tank

Septic tanks are particularly prone to freezing as well. Unlike pipes, however, a frozen septic tank will often cause water and waste to flow back into a home. Sewage will usually target lower-level plumbing first, so once faucets begin expelling sewage, immediately turn off all faucets and pumps.

Failing Water Heater

Water heaters have to work harder to achieve your desired water temperature when the outside temperatures are freezing. High energy bills are a subtle sign of this problem, as is water not meeting your desired temperature.

Should your plumbing system exhibit the signs mentioned above, do not delay calling a reputable Denver plumbing company like Total Plumbing Inc. Having a professional plumber assess possible winter damage as soon as possible assures you and your family has access to clean, running water for the rest of the winter season.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Wind chill turns unpleasant temperatures into dangerous weather, The Denver post, January 6, 2014)