Denver Plumbing Companies: Ensuring You Have Clean Water All the Time

Denver Plumbing Companies: Ensuring You Have Clean Water All the Time

Aside from damaging property and causing a lot of inconvenience to the residents of Colorado, the September 2013 flooding that hit the state has also left drinking water supplies at risk of contamination. The following excerpt from a CBS Denver article has more on the current situation in Colorado:

Water Problems

Residents are being told to boil their drinking water or any water they might ingest. Firestone Mayor Chad Auer said the boil order is just a precaution because they’ve seen the chlorine level dropping. “It could expose people to bacteria and viruses and things that aren’t usually in domestic-use water,” Auer said.

Heavy rain flooded the river and the current washed away the roads and snapped water pipes underneath. “We have three water lines coming into town, two of the three were compromised,” Auer added.

Clean water is a basic human necessity, so if the water supply is contaminated, the residents of the flooded areas face an extremely difficult situation. If you are one of those affected by the flood, ensure that your water supply is free from contamination by boiling your drinking water and having a Denver plumbing company like Total Plumbing inspect your plumbing systems and fix any problems it may have.

From installing and fixing sewers and drains to repairing and replacing boilers, companies like Total Plumbing ensure that home plumbing systems like yours won’t fail you. Such companies will be able to help you evaluate the plumbing problems you’re facing and figure out the ideal solution. With their help you can feel confident that any plumbing issue will be fixed quickly and without much fuss.

According to the CBS Denver report, crews immediately went to work to repair the broken water lines. The report mentioned that repairs were expected to be finished by the third week of September, but this is only a conservative estimate, as plenty of repairs still lie ahead.

The flood in Firestone and other parts of Colorado serves to remind people just how important functioning water systems are. Even without floods and other natural calamities, homeowners should be vigilant about their plumbing systems to ensure that clean water is always readily accessible. Have your plumbing system inspected and maintained regularly by Denver plumbing companies like Total Plumbing to ensure that it is always in optimal working condition.