Denver Plumbers’ Tips: Four Steps to Better Water Heater Efficiency

Denver Plumbers’ Tips: Four Steps to Better Water Heater Efficiency

A water heater, especially one that’s been installed by professional Denver plumbers, can improve home comfort immensely. Unfortunately, according to, water heating is the second biggest energy waster in a home after heating and cooling. If you don’t pay attention to your water heater usage, your utility costs can easily get out of hand—especially at the height of the winter season. To lower water heating costs, the website offers the following tips:easy-and-cheap-ways-to-make-your-water-heater-more-energy-efficient

Turn down the tank’s thermostat

Lowering your water heating costs can be as easy as turning down your water heater thermostat. As an added benefit, doing this can also improve your heater’s efficiency. says:

Most water heaters come preset at 140 degrees, which has the added risk of scalding. The Energy Department recommends most households lower it to 120 degrees. That’s high enough for your needs, and high enough to reduce mineral buildup in your tank and pipes.

Use less hot water

The website also recommends that you install low-flow plumbing fixtures such as showerheads and faucet aerators. These can reduce your home’s hot water consumption and help you achieve water savings of up to 60 percent. notes:

Also, make sure you use the “economy” setting on your dishwasher, and break the pre-washing habit. Modern dishwashers can handle a dirty dish. Scrape what’s left of dinner into the trash or compost bin and then load.

Drain the sediment

Water heaters should be drained once or twice a year to control the buildup of sediments, as, naturally, any blockage within a system can prevent it from operating at top efficiency. The more laboriously a machine operates, the more energy it uses up.

Insulate exposed hot water pipes

Insulating hot water pipes will help you conserve energy, since the warmth they retain—as opposed to the cold they could otherwise let seep in—will also keep water hot. states that insulated water pipes enable water to come out of the tap two to four degrees warmer.

You can do some of the tips outlined here on your own. For other tasks, however, you need the expertise of knowledgeable plumbers. For help with your water heater problems, competent plumbers in Denver like Total Plumbing, Inc. are your best bet.

(Article Excerpts and Image from Easy and cheap ways to make your water heater more energy efficient, House Logic)