Denver HVAC Tips: Four Ways to Winterize Your Air Conditioning Unit

Denver HVAC Tips: Four Ways to Winterize Your Air Conditioning Unit

Many people think of having their furnaces inspected before winter sets in. Very few consider doing the same thing for their air conditioning units. After all, A/Cs aren’t likely to be used during the cold weather, so what’s the point of having them looked at? You should know that inspecting an A/C unit and discovering what protection it needs from the cold winter weather could save you a lot of money, especially in the long run. With that in mind, offers these tips on how to winterize your A/C unit:how-to-prepare-an-outside-air-conditioner-unit-for-winter

Cut the power to the A/C provides this first piece of advice:

Find the air conditioning circuit near your unit. Usually, it has a plastic or metal lid that covers the electrical circuit. Open the lid and flip the switch to turn the unit off. This prevents the unit from turning on during an unusually warm winter day, keeping water out of the unit that could potentially freeze.

Clean the unit

You should also remove any dirt or debris on, around, or in the unit. This will keep unwanted items from clogging its moveable parts, thus preventing the untimely visit of a Denver HVAC professional. To properly clean the unit, gives the following instructions:

Wash the air conditioning unit with a hose to remove bird droppings, dead bugs, dirt and dust. Remove leaves, small branches and grass clippings from the unit. Allow the unit to dry completely.

Keep the unit covered

After cleaning the unit, cover it. This will help protect it from the elements and stray dirt and debris. advises that you use a waterproof cover, perhaps one specially designed for A/C units. However, any plastic or vinyl covering would also do the trick. Afterward, wrap the cover with a vinyl rope or bungee cord to secure it.

Look after the unit

Over the course of the winter, the cover can shift or otherwise move out of place, so be sure to check it regularly. adds:

Check your air conditioner once a week to make sure the cover is secure. Brush water, snow and ice off the unit. Remove twigs, pinecones and leaves from the cover.

Winterizing your A/C unit is only one step in maintaining it, so also be sure to have it checked by a Denver heating and cooling expert like Total Plumbing, Inc. at least once a year for its optimum performance.

(Article Excerpt and Image from How to Prepare an Outside Air Conditioner Unit for Winter, SF Gate Home Guides)