Denver Heating Tips: Choosing Between an Electric and Gas Furnace

Denver Heating Tips: Choosing Between an Electric and Gas Furnace

A furnace is a common sight in Denver homes. Some owners own an electric furnace, while others prefer having a gas furnace. Despite their differences, both furnace types perform an essential service in terms of the heating needs of many Denver households. Perhaps you’re wondering which type is ideal for your home. Below are the pros and cons of each furnace type, according to

Gas vs Electric Furnace

Pros of Electric Furnace

Furnaces that are powered by electricity are generally more affordable to acquire than the gas variety. A wide range is available in the market. Pricing tends to be within the reach of most people…


Furnaces that utilize electricity for operations tend to have higher running costs than those fueled by gas. They also rate lower on energy efficiency than gas furnaces…

Pros of Gas Furnace

The gas furnace is a better option especially in areas of freezing temperatures. It is more effective in heating than electricity. This is because a gas furnace heats up to higher temperatures than electricity…


Gas furnaces cost more than the electric model. Initial purchase price may be a deterrent to acquisition. The gas furnace has a shorter lifespan than that powered by electricity…

Now that you know the pros and cons of each, you will be better informed when time comes to purchase a new furnace for your home. Still, there’s no substitute to talking to a reliable Denver HVAC specialist about what the best furnace options are for you, so make sure to do so. Not only will such a professional be able to properly install a furnace for you, they may also advise you on the right furnace type to use for your particular situation. That said, be sure to ask your professional the following questions. Their answers will ensure that you get the most out of your investment:

  • How long is the equipment warranty?
  • How long is the labor warranty?
  • Does the unit qualify for a Manufacturer’s rebate?
  • Does the unit qualify for a Federal Tax Energy Credit?
  • Does the unit qualify for any utility rebates?
  • What level of efficiency is ideal for the property?

Hopefully, with the information above, you’ll be making huge strides to ensure you choose a quality Denver heating equipment, which will reduce the long term costs and make your family safer and more comfortable throughout the cold seasons.

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