Denver Heating and Cooling: AC Systems Have Surely Come a Long Way

Denver Heating and Cooling: AC Systems Have Surely Come a Long Way

This may surprise you, but air conditioning systems have actually been around for a long time. In fact, attempts at developing cooling technology have been observed as early as 2,000 years ago, more or less. In 2nd century China, there existed manual rotary fans that brought outside air into a room. In 3rd century Rome, ice was supposedly imported from the mountain regions via donkey train to cool an emperor’s garden.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioning systems have certainly come a long way since those bygone days, but somehow, the same concepts behind them remain to provide thermal comfort indoors. Today, air conditioners installed by Denver heating and cooling companies come in different types and sizes. There are ground units, rooftop air conditioners, even cooling towers, to name a few. There are even air conditioning units that fit inside a window pane resting on the sill. Depending on the size of the room or area you want cooled, you can easily find a type of air conditioning that fits your needs.

What happens inside air conditioners?

An air conditioning unit can be simply described as a refrigerator inside an insulated box. Like a refrigerator, air conditioners generate cool air once the Freon evaporates. The evaporation process goes like this: the compressor “cools” the Freon gas which actually heats it up. The hot gas will then run through a set of coils to get rid of heat and then condense into liquid. The condensed Freon will then pass through an expansion valve where it will evaporate, releasing cold gas in the process.

What are the system’s most prominent parts?

Every air conditioner has a compressor for the Freon, an expansion valve so it won’t explode fans, and hot and cold coils. The fans regulate the temperature by blowing air over the coils. They assist the coils by dispelling hot air outdoors while spreading cool air indoors.

How important is regular AC maintenance?

Like any electrical system, air conditioners need regular maintenance. When well-maintained, air conditioners can last for a long time. To ensure your air conditioning unit’s long-term usability, have a Denver, CO heating and air conditioning service like Total Plumbing clean and maintain your air conditioning system at least twice a year, preferably before and after the hot seasons.

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