Denver Heating and Cooling: Keeping Your Air Conditioners Running Cool

Denver Heating and Cooling: Keeping Your Air Conditioners Running Cool

Most people would describe summers in Denver as a mild and pleasant experience. However, there are times when the summer temperatures do escalate quickly. One such day was July 7, 2014, as CBS Denver reports:

The thermometer at Denver International Airport hit 100 degrees at 3:09 p.m. on Monday, July 7, making it the warmest day so far in 2014 for the Mile High City.

Since the summer of 1872, the official Denver weather station has only recorded a temperature of 100 degrees or higher on 86 days.

If you’re not a fan of 100 degree days, the good news is that besides being rare in Denver, we normally do not see multiple days in a row with thermometers in the triple digits.

The longest streak of 100 degree days in Denver is 5, and that has happened three times since 1872.

Although 100+ degree days are more of an anomaly, such days are where people opt to stay in the comfort of their homes and crank up their air conditioning systems. The summer heat, however, can make life difficult for your air conditioner and can affect its ability to cool your home efficiently.

july 7 100 degreehigh in denver was 40th recorded since 2000

Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to help your air conditioning unit retain its cooling capacity. Here are some tips from Denver, CO heating and air conditioning experts to help you stay cool this summer:

Move a few plants in your garden

No, you don’t have to completely redesign your garden. Just try to move a tree or other tall plants in such a way that they provide shade to your air conditioner’s condenser. A warm condenser has a hard time cooling down the air that passes through it. By addressing this issue, your unit uses less electricity to keep your home cool.

Plug up drafts, cracks, and holes

Typically, these problems are dealt with during winter, but they can also be a headache as they let out the cool air in your home. Applying caulk to cracks and holes ought to do the trick. As for drafts, you may want to look at installing energy-efficient replacement windows.

In the event your air conditioner breaks down, call a trusted Denver heating and cooling contractor. An expert HVAC technician can make any necessary repairs to your unit and get it back to cooling your home ASAP. On a similar note, you may want to jot down the number of an HVAC contractor that offers 24-hour emergency services such as Total Plumbing, Inc. in case your unit decides to give up on you during odd hours of the day.

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