Common Causes of Low Water Pressure for Commercial Plumbing in Colorado

Common Causes of Low Water Pressure for Commercial Plumbing in Colorado

“Why is our building’s water pressure so low?”  It’s one of the most frequent questions we hear at our Colorado commercial plumbing service, Total Plumbing & Heating.  Just about any business imaginable needs reliable water flow for its day-to-day work, and if that flow is being interrupted, it can drastically disrupt operations.

However, low water pressure is a problem which can have a number of potential causes.  So, we wanted to take a minute to talk about common causes, because some are easily fixed and some aren’t.

Why Does My Building Have Low Water Pressure?

  1. Water valve issues.

If anyone has had a reason to shut off any of your primary water valves, particularly the mains, it might be a simple matter of the valve not being fully opened again.  This is something you can easily have your maintenance crew double-check.  Of course, if the valve appears to be broken in some way, you’ll want to call in one of our experts.

  1.   Clogged pipes.

Another potential cause is buildup of materials or mineral deposits inside your pipes.  However, this will often cause uneven water pressure rather than universally low pressure.  If one section of pipes is mostly clogged, they’ll see low pressure while nearby branches will have higher pressure as the system tries to equalize.  If it’s a clog, you’ll almost certainly need a commercial plumbing specialist in Colorado to find and eliminate it.

  1. Leaks

Leaks can cause lowered water pressure, if they’re severe enough.  If this is the reason, then it means that a lot of water is being lost – and likely somewhere in the building.  See if any workers, tenants, or other people have reported maintenance issues involving water being someplace it shouldn’t be.  That could point you at the source of the leak.

  1. Overuse

Finally, if you’ve recently installed new equipment or there’s some other reason your lines would have higher-than-usual usage, don’t overlook the possibility that your existing plumbing simply can’t handle the demand.  Depending on your setup, you might need new water heater\treatment systems, or even talk to the city about increasing your flow.  This is a situation where you’d want to consult with expert commercial plumbers.

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