Home Maintenance

Your furnace is critical in ensuring the comfort of your home. If the system isn’t reaching peak performance levels, you may find the home is too cool for your family’s comfort this winter. To help mitigate furnace issues in the future, Total Plumbing & Heating is offering mid-season furnace maintenance and repair service to Thornton, Colorado, homeowners. In this latest post, we’ll highlight the full range of benefits our service can bring to your home.
By understanding more on your home infrastructure, you can counteract maintenance issues before they become costly. Here, our plumbing experts at Total Plumbing & Heating in Thornton, Colorado, will address a common question we receive from homeowners across the region. In this latest post, we’ll provide an answer to the question “Why does water collect on the inside of your home windows?”.
Thornton, Colorado, doesn't have much longer before winter hits, and that can mean all sorts of emergency plumbing problems... but usually only to homes which haven't been properly prepared beforehand. Sudden drops in temperature tend to reveal problems within a home's plumbing and heating systems quite dramatically, even though they could have been spotted earlier and dealt with.
Normally, heating units in Thornton, Colorado, will keep working steadily without giving too much trouble. You can almost always tell when things are going well because furnaces have very distinct sounds associated with them, such as the sound of the blowers kicking in once the indoor temperature gets too low.

Thornton-area plumbing problems are unfortunately common during Colorado winters, and so often could have been prevented with a little foresight. In an area where freezing temperatures are common, it's vital to properly winterize your home's pipes before the cold weather hits.   Why? Freezing temperatures can do significant damage...