Denver, CO - April 10, 2016 - With spring coming, there's truly no time like the present to take care of any issues with a house's drains.  Spring is flooding season, and clogged drains can quickly cause standing water within a building, harming property values and creating health risks.  That's why Total Plumbing & Heating, top Denver plumbers and drain specialists, offer a full range of service packages to insure every drain in a home is working properly.
While it may come to as a surprise to many, most common store-bought drain un-clogging products (like Draino or Liquid-Plumr) tend to be bad for your pipes and other plumbing.  In particular, they should never be used within a toilet boil, or with plastic/PVC piping.  Even a single use could potentially cause major damage, due to the heating and caustic elements in their mix.  
Westminster, CO – March 9, 2016—Snow melt off and spring showers can cause a rush of water into a home's yard, and if the water is handled incorrectly, it can lead to flooding and damaged property. The plumbers at Total Plumbing & Heating in Westminster, CO, can help address some of the problems, but homeowners have to take a proactive role to prevent flood conditions. Total Plumbing & Heating provides several tips that limit a home's exposure to downspout flooding, and can also provide a wide range of expert plumbing and HVAC services for Westminster, CO.