Call Denver Plumbers for Help as Soon as Plumbing Problems Surface

Call Denver Plumbers for Help as Soon as Plumbing Problems Surface

Mile High City residents should call reliable Denver plumbers for help as soon as they detect any sign of a faulty or damaged pipe or fixture. That is, if they don’t want their plumbing situation to quickly go from bad to worse. Case in point: Elon University’s Pendulum report of an apartment complex being flooded with sewage water that completely saturated the living space.

Sewage water floods two apartments in oaks Area complex

Apartment occupants Margaret Bryant and Jessica Edwards, the article said, “have had plumbing problems since moving into their apartment late last month. They said the shower drain initially regurgitated a small amount of water that eventually flowed back into the pipes, but the situation quickly got worse.” Sitting on the issue clearly did not make things any better, especially since there was enough time to do something about the problem before it reached the point of no return.

When the University’s Physical Plant department came around to do some repairs, it was already too late. As quoted by one of the occupants (Bryant) herself, “Physical plant came on Friday morning and worked for a few hours on the problem, but water started (to) come up again on Friday night.” After this point, the water had already drenched their hallway, causing them to fear for their health.

You, too, would panic over possible contamination if you were in their shoes. Sewage waste contains bacteria too numerous to enumerate, i.e., everything from parasitic bacteria that can cause typhoid and cholera, to saprophytic bacteria and viruses like polio.

If you want to your living space to avoid the same fate as Bryant’s and Edwards’, you should look to reputable plumbers in Denver for anything you suspect needs to be serviced right away. Some of the things you should get your plumber to inspect are odd smells coming from any of your pipes, strange hissing sounds from your toilet, and clogs in your drains, among other things. Delaying inspection may lead to more costly repairs and restoration in the future.

As it turns out, the toilet problem in the news was caused by clogging due to the improper disposal of feminine hygiene products. You, as a homeowner, can also prevent a potential disaster by making sure that your family knows how to care for your plumbing properly.