Freezing temperatures in Denver have already made school days unbearable for students—and indoor heating problems in some schools just made things worse for staff and students alike. According to 7NEWS, some of the city’s public schools, like the Denver Center for International Studies (DCIS) in the Montbello Campus, had to cancel classes on November 12 because of faulty heating systems. Without proper heating, most classrooms were practically as cold as it was outside, prompting students and faculty members to resort to drastic measures just to stay warm.
Recently, Denver experienced temperatures so low that they’ve broken two of the city’s winter records. According to The Denver Post, the city reported temperatures below -14 degrees and a new low “high” of 11 degrees last November 13, surpassing the previous records set in 1916 and 1959 (respectively). Denver also experienced just a day of sunny skies throughout the week, though Sunday was noted to have relatively better climes.
When you’re looking for a house and you spot a charmer, you just can’t let it go sometimes, even if it is a fixer-upper. An article for The Huffington Post features a run-down historic farmhouse that had potential in being an admirable heritage home. It was published in This Old House magazine, a home improvement resource.
Landlords in Denver have responsibilities toward their renters, and vice versa. However, sometimes, one of them has an issue or concern that gets overlooked (or even ignored). In these instances, the accountable party may be violating the other’s rights and be subject to costly liabilities, such as in the story reported by 9News correspondent Meagan Fitzgerald:
A furnace is a common sight in Denver homes. Some owners own an electric furnace, while others prefer having a gas furnace. Despite their differences, both furnace types perform an essential service in terms of the heating needs of many Denver households. Perhaps you’re wondering which type is ideal for your home. Below are the pros and cons of each furnace type, according to
Potty humor can always be entertaining, but when your toilet spurs plumbing nightmares, it won’t be a laughing matter. In an article for The Huffington Post, Hometalk features a mildly horrific story of one of their bloggers. The home & garden information resource also provides some advice on finding and fixing leaks for folks to avoid or address similar issues.
Do you want to know what’s trending in bathroom remodels? Style expert Rachel Weingarten gets the insights of a bathroom and kitchen fixture expert in an article for Parade magazine. American Standard design executive Jean-Jacques L’Hénaff enumerated some ways to renovate your bath with a stylish and practical mindset. Here are some ideas you might be interested in:
Space heating is an area where a lot of energy—if used incorrectly—can go to waste. According to, it accounts for 42 percent of the energy used in an average home, and as everyone knows, higher energy consumption equals to bigger monthly utility bills. With this in mind, homeowners must take the necessary measures to enhance household energy efficiency. With better energy efficiency comes not only lower heating costs, but also a lower impact on the environment.