Potty humor can always be entertaining, but when your toilet spurs plumbing nightmares, it won’t be a laughing matter. In an article for The Huffington Post, Hometalk features a mildly horrific story of one of their bloggers. The home & garden information resource also provides some advice on finding and fixing leaks for folks to avoid or address similar issues.
Do you want to know what’s trending in bathroom remodels? Style expert Rachel Weingarten gets the insights of a bathroom and kitchen fixture expert in an article for Parade magazine. American Standard design executive Jean-Jacques L’Hénaff enumerated some ways to renovate your bath with a stylish and practical mindset. Here are some ideas you might be interested in:
Space heating is an area where a lot of energy—if used incorrectly—can go to waste. According to, it accounts for 42 percent of the energy used in an average home, and as everyone knows, higher energy consumption equals to bigger monthly utility bills. With this in mind, homeowners must take the necessary measures to enhance household energy efficiency. With better energy efficiency comes not only lower heating costs, but also a lower impact on the environment.
Are you like "that guy" who can’t help striking poses and hoses the lawn while doing it? Denver Water says don't be. It's time once again for the city's water utility service to remind citizens not to waste precious water by adhering to summertime watering rules. Denver may have a relatively stable water supply, but it may not last long even with sporadic summer rains. This year's water conservation slogan is "Use Only What You Need."
It’s official: Denver, Colorado has the third worst urban heat island in the country. This was the conclusion of nonprofit climate news organization Climate Central after analyzing the temperatures of 60 U.S. cities from 2003 to 2014. Denver’s average temperatures have increased by 4.9 °F throughout this timespan, but Las Vegas, Nevada experienced the highest change, with about 7.3 °F. That said, things are actually getting worse everywhere, as Doyle Rice of USA Today reports:
When is the best time to have your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system checked? In an article published by Explorer News, StatePoint Media gets the pulse of the experts from a major international HVAC provider. According to these experts, fall is a great time to conduct a thorough inspection and maintenance, and more importantly, to remedy the kinks and glitches that can make the colder months unbearable.
All households need water, but not all water is created equally. According to a U.S. geological survey, about 85% of the country gets what is called “hard water”—water that has high levels of mineral salts, especially that of calcium and magnesium. Denver itself has this type of water, though the “hardness” varies with the season, being slightly harder in the winter when water bodies freeze and softer in the spring when lakes and streams start flowing again.

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